Engaged Communities

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Citizens in Decisions

Citizens in Decisions means working with Ward 10 residents to make important decisions about our City and our Ward. To work together effectively, we need to make information available and easy to access.

Citizens in Decisions makes Ward 10 a better place, and makes Fredericton a better city. Together, we are more than the sum of our parts. Neighbourhoods working together can define and build their shared vision. Building a shared vision, and bringing important ideas together, requires conversations that involve seniors, children and youth, families, people living in low- income, immigrants – everyone.

Citizens in Decisions means that the city’s budget reflects the needs and values of its citizens. The overall budget for the City of Fredericton has nearly doubled in the last 10 years, despite only modest growth in the population. Including citizens in the budget process will result in spending priorities that better reflect the city’s most pressing needs.

Leah’s Commitments:

  • to hold quarterly community conversations with Ward 10 residents to share ideas, discuss upcoming decisions, and set neighbourhood priorities
  • to meet with residents with limited mobility in Ward 10 in their homes (e.g., Risteen’s Landing) to ensure that the voices of seniors and those with disabilities are heard
  • to maintain open and regular communication with residents by keeping an updated Ward 10 website, and reporting to residents on how community conversations are being used to inform city council discussions
  • to explore options for increasing council transparency including webcasting council meetings and distributing documents electronically and in a timely fashion
  • to work towards a participatory budgeting pilot project to engage city residents in spending decisions
  • to report annually on progress towards my commitments

Over to YOUth

Over to YOUth means involving young people in decisions about the present and future of their neighbourhoods. Young people see things differently than adults, have great ideas to share, and feel a greater sense of belonging when they’re actively engaged.

Over to YOUth makes Ward 10 better. For healthy development, young people need to have useful roles in the neighbourhood. They also need to feel valued by adults in the community, and have a sense of purpose. Youth who have these and other assets are more likely to do well in school, show leadership, help others, and become more connected to their neighbourhoods.

Leah’s Commitments:

  • to work with youth, schools, non-profit organizations and others to actively involve youth in neighbourhood planning, especially related to recreation and culture activities
  • to work with existing asset-based community development programs and expertise to expand young peoples’ assets
We’d love your thoughts on these ideas and commitments – please share your comments below, or contact me to discuss!
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