What do you think?

21 Feb

Hello all!

A couple of interesting items are upon us and your thoughts are welcome:

1. There will be a motion before us next Monday night (Feb. 25) to give first and second reading (not the final vote, but an opportunity to voice objections and support) to a by-law amendment to change the allowable age of vehicles used as taxis from 5 yrs to 7 yrs.

This change was requested by some taxi owners, and recommended for approval by both city staff and the standing committee on public safety and the environment. Comparable cities in the region have no limit (Saint John, Halifax, Charlottetown); Moncton has an 8 yr limit.

Taxis are required to have a motor vehicle inspection (MVI) done every 6 months. They are also subjected to random inspections. Despite the MVI requirement, the last time there was a random inspection, 8 of 20 taxis failed their inspections, which has raised some concerns about the potential safety impacts of extending the life of taxis. We have also heard from a taxi operator who fears safety problems associated with this change.

Do you have any thoughts on this?

2. There is movement towards creating a policy and by-law related to street performers and buskers. A draft policy will be posted on the City website (I will bring it to your attention when it goes up) to invite public comment. In the mean time, I’m curious about your thoughts on having a permitting system for street performers and buskers.

The report we received on the matter indicates that the goals are:
*to distinguish between busking and panhandling (we have a by-law that prohibits panhandling, which I have serious concerns about, but that requires separate consideration)
*to ensure busking and street performance remains part of our downtown culture
*to allow buskers to “accept but not solicit donations in appreciation of their performance”

Enacting such a policy would require some sort of permitting system, and one of the discussions about this matter at our recent development committee meeting was about whether or not there should be a fee associated with a permit, if a policy is enacted.

Do you have any thoughts on having a policy about busking and street performance?

Thanks in advance for your engagement!




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