All Candidates Town Hall / Why Vote?

22 Apr

Greetings Ward 10 Residents!

I’m writing to invite you to an all candidates Town Hall.

Date: Wednesday, April 25

Time: 7:00 pm – 9:00 pm

Location: Connaught St. School

The Town Hall is a chance to hear more about the ideas of Ward 10 council candidates, and to be part of our democracy; a democracy that can be as vibrant as its citizens. So far, the process of going door to door has been an encouraging one. At some doors, I’ve been asked, ‘why should I vote for you’? It’s a fair question. I hope that our exchanges, as well as the ideas, information, and opinions I’ve offered have answered the question for you.

These exchanges have been with people who are, or want to be, actively engaged in local civic matters. They see themselves as voters. But in 2008, the last municipal election, only about 30% of Ward 10 residents voted. Every vote matters! Let’s drive the Ward 10 voting numbers through the roof (not literally, bad for heat loss)! So, invite everyone to participate in Wednesday night’s event, and to vote! Go ahead. If people you invite ask you why they should come on Wednesday, and why they should vote, try this:

Every day, you use the washroom and shower – with water provided by Fredericton Public Works-Water Utility. The waste water disappears through a sewer system, also maintained by Public Works. As your children head off to school, the crossing guards hired by the Fredericton Police Force will help ensure they reach school safely. You put out the garbage, which is picked up by employees contracted by Fredericton Public Works, and head to work on sidewalks or streets constructed, maintained, and plowed by the City. Perhaps you travel by Fredericton Public Transit, or pass a beautiful building maintained because of its Fredericton Heritage designation.

Once you get to work, you may park in a municipal parking lot, or spend your day in a building inspected by the Fredericton Inspections Division, or specifically zoned for its purpose according to the Fredericton Zoning By-law. After work, you rely on Fredericton Recreation & Leisure services for yours or your kids’ swimming lessons, ice time, or time spent at the youth centre. If ever you come upon an accident, you find Fredericton City Police investigating, and in very serious situations, the Fredericton Fire Department extricating people from their vehicles.

Once you get home, you call your elderly mother who is having trouble finding housing that she can afford on her limited and fixed income. You spend some time sitting on your deck which was constructed according to Fredericton’s Building Code, and you plan your next day off; full of walking on a city-maintained trail, taking the family to a city-owned park, and enjoying the beautiful gardens planted and maintained by Fredericton Parks & Trees. Sharing in your pleasure will be the hundreds of visitors who come to Fredericton each year, thanks in large part to the efforts of Fredericton Tourism

Maintaining and improving municipal services depends on your engagement, not only in the election, but in an ongoing way. Be a voter on May 14th. We’re going forWARD!


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